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Honest, reliable and friendly service. Highly recommended to all. Dorene C on StartLocal


Really good mechanics, fairly priced, job is always finished on time. Give the boys at Mammi a go - you won't be dissapointed. Davo53 on Word Of Mouth Online


I take my car to Mammi Motors regularly. I find them very trustworthy, very knowledgable, good mechanics and the price is about average. They take me home when I drop my car off and are understanding of my needs, as I have a young child and need help getting home together with my child. 5 out of 5 stars for car service! Kristyr1 on Word of Mouth Online


If you're from Melbourne go see Gerald and Chas at Mammi Motors. You won't regret it. They know lots about Weber/Datsun tuning and have the bits to get your Webers right. VicMike on BMSC forums


Try Mammi Motors in Somerton. He tuned both of my brothers cars, but they had 40DCOEs. He may be able to do it. Mammi Motors are on the Mornington peninsula. It basically only costs for the time and parts required. I honestly cannot remember, but I know that my brothers Corolla was real close and he charged hardly anything. It really depends how much out the tuning of your car is. Talk to them first and ask if they can do what you want. Raynman on Performance Forums


I have used the Mammi brothers for years, everything from my very first car, through to my XR6 Turbo. I do my own stuff now though, as I live 100kms away in the west, plus with mods I get more satisfaction doing it myself. V8 4 Runner on 4x4 Earth Australia


Because of proximity, I use Mammi motors at Somerville for servicing. Ian on 4x4 Earth Australia


My D Max is a great truck and I have no servicing problems because I take it to Mammi Motors Somerville. Gerald and Chas have being looking after our vehicles for years, the mechanics know what I expect and they have never let me down. Ian on 4x4 Earth


To drive 15,000km until next service sounds a bit of a stretch! I am doing my D Max every 10,000 and I am using synthetic. The recommended duration is 10,000 with Isuzu. Mammi Motors in Somerville who service my truck run 2 D Maxs and have tested the oils of their own and concur that Isuzu is correct especially with the synthetic. My prevoius truck, a GU ute was serviced every 5,000km - oil, filters and the whole lot. Ian on 4x4 Earth Australia


I don't know of later D Max's, but my mechanics, Mammi Motors of Somerville, run 2 as their company vehicles. Mammi Motors advised me to have the front end realigned as part of the purchasing deal of any D Max as they had. I did that and had no problems thus far ( 28,000 KM ). Mammi brothers swear by the Isuzu's.
I never bother with dealership servicing and choose to to have my guys do it. According to the boys at Mammi Motors, the front end toe-in needs a bit of a toe-in adjustment for Australian roads. Ian on 4x4 Earth Australia


The gang at Mammi Motors have been servicing our vehicles for years - they dyno tune, improve performance - everything! They have been brought up on rally cars - Chas and Gerald are pit crew for one of the regular entrants in the Targa every year in Tassie. They always let me know if there is anything that is requiring attention not in the service. When it is in for a pre-trip check, they know to just do it. Out there something minor can turn major any time. Ian on 4x4 Earth Australia


Mammi Motors did an excelent job re-jetting my Webers and they have a good name for this type of work. Backyard Mechanic on ToyMods


Get yourself down to Mammi Motors in Morningtom peninsula for a tune. Let them run it up on the Dyno, they have done quite a few Escorts over the years & will be able to give you some realistic figures on what other Escorts made on their dyno. Both Chaz & Gerald are great blokes and will give you an honest answer (and they dont sponsor me - just been going there & racing against them for many years). Puzzlescort on Classic Ford


I have the best Datto mechanics - Mammi Motors in Sommerville. They built the car for me and are also building a WRC replica Xsara for my husband at the moment. We're entered to compete in Targa Wrest Point and Targa Tas early next year. I'm super happy with the Stanza as my play car at the moment. I'll keep working on my driving and knocking my lap times down when I do, I'll start thinking about what else I can do to it. GStanza on OZDat


We take our cars to Mammi Motors in Somerville - have done for years and we find them very good. We got with Mammi Motors when spouse broke down one day in Somerville years ago and one of the guys stopped to help him, fixed the car and would not take any cash - such good guys they are. We had ours serviced by Mammi Motors during the warranty period and my son has has his serviced all over the place and its still under warranty. Petals on BritVics


I had a 12A transplanted into my '74 Corolla a year or so ago. The blokes that did the fabrication are in Somerville, Mammi Motors. The have rally cars and do a fair bit of fabrication work for others. If you follow the ARC, they did alot of work on the Glen Raymond Corolla.
They have also put a Rotary engine into a Gemini, so an Escort cant be too much different. Just as a guide, they charged $2900 to fabricate:
- The engine crossmember, new mounts, and the appropriate mounts on the chassis rails
- Custom Gearbox cross member
- Custom Tailshaft
- Modified my S1 RX7 Extractors to clear my Steering Box
- Complete 2.5" exhaust including Mufflers that breezed through Engineering Dba tests
- The trans tunnel was widened 50mm.
Not a bad price considering I had quotes to just mount the engine, gearbox and make a custom tailshaft that came in at $7000-$10,500... Dreamers. KangarooSA Mazda Approved Mechanic on AusRotary


If you live down the southern side of Melbourne, Mammi Motors at Somerville do heaps of work on L series motors, they also have a dyno. When I've been down there getting some stuff done on my Lseries 1200  they chew your ear off talking about Datsuns (not specifically Z's). They sorted out my Dellortos. The owners Gerald and Chas had heaps of Dellorto bits last time I was down there. If not they may be able to reccommend somewhere. Bruce on ViczCar


I suggest Mammi Motors Sommerville - Gerald and Chaz look after all of our cars and I can recommend them highly. Chris on MX5 Car Talk


Recommend the work of Mammi Motors in Somerville, the mechanics tune old rally cars and will be able to sort out your inquiries on Webers. Got my car back this week from being tuned. Mammi Motors are highly recommended by me. Top bunch of blokes :) They reckon their dyno is very harsh (it generally doesnt read as high as other dyno shops). So maybe that will explain why I drove away with only 62rwKw with twins bolted on, compared to 56rwKw when i had a single 32/36 weber. He gave some good insight as to how I could get more power out of the 5K. The cam tops out at 6200rpm. He also put me onto Iskenderian Valve Springs to solve the issues i have had in the past.
Got my old girl from Mammi Motors on Wednesday - a massive difference in driveability! And yes it only made 50rwkw or 65rwhp, so for a stock 5k-j with twin SU`s, a baby cam and ex system in a 700kg ke11 it goes pretty good. After G.O.R run the 5600rpm cam gets binned, a monster clive cam solid and then my 4k head should be finished. I am chasing power to 7800rpm - not chasing power numbers, just after a bigger rpm band than 3500 - 5600. The mechanics at Mammi Motors think they can get it to run from 3500 - 7500 with the right cam.
I had the needles reasonably close so it only cost me $80 for the tune and about $70 for them to redo the breather setup. Cheap, considering a mate just had a set of triple Webers tuned at another shop and it cost $900. I spoke to Gerald Friday to book a relick on the tune on my car and he preached on a set of Weber`s/Delorto`s just be ready for that. $66 per hour for dyno tune plus parts. Kickn5k on Rolla Club


The place you need to go to if you are southside of the city is Mammi Motors in Somerville, they tune my KE-11 with SU`s and have found that all the knockers that said it would be out of tune in a couple of days, are now proved wrong it still drives OK 6 months later. They are real good with SU`s - although Mammi`s prefer Webers, they will tune any twin, triple or quad carby setup. I love SU`s - the only problem I have is that my 1 1/2" carbies are a little too small for the rpm and power bands I'm after.
I highly regard and recommend Mammi Motors for dyno tuning. Gerald loves Dattos, but also loves tuning carby fed cars almost as much. Kickn5k on Rolla Club


I spoke to Mammi Motors a while ago about my Webers on the commy and (I think it's Graham, not sure) said that even though he does a lot of Datto rally cars with twins, he would be more than willing to give mine a go. I told him the problem that I had with them and he knew exactly what was going on. Really nice guy to talk to. I was refered to them by my engine machinist. I hope it works out for you. Let us know how you go. Weber4x48 on Rolla Club


Well if I do decide to go, stick with the Dellorto's and get them tuned on a dyno. You guys recommend anywhere to go and what sort of price I'd be up for - I've heard of this place called Mammi Motors. I'm in Melbourne by the way. Nathan on Rolla Club


I understand Mammi Motors to be quite good (disclaimer: I live in QLD). I think they are rally boys, so they'll know about Webers/Dellortos. Budget $2-300 for a start. It all depends on how far out they are and how many runs they have to do. Dyno time ain't cheap. Redwarf on Rolla Club


The people at Mammi Motors are very nice and more than willing to tune my car. They have a Dyno and heaps of parts in stock. $66/hr plus parts, which I think is very reasonable. KangarooSA on Rolla Club


I had my twins tuned at Mammi Motors. The blokes are great and certainly know what they are talking about. They are rally blokes and really love tuning older cars, as it's what they grew up with and what they play with most weekends. They normally do a change-over scheme, where they use parts that they have in stock and take your original parts. This keeps the price down quite considerably.
Dyno time is appoximately $40/hr which is bloody cheap considering most other shops around Melbourne are charging $70-$80/hr. To get my twins tuned from scratch (Balancing, fiddling with jets, mixtures etc) was about $180 from memory. I budgeted for $300 and was nicely surprised when it was under $200.
They are a Repco dealer, so they have heaps of parts in stock. Even if they don't have it, they can normally get it the next day, as I found out when my fuel pressure regulator died. KangarooSA on Rolla Club


Mammi Motors are the cheapest around. $40-50 labour per hour. With Weber and Dellorto carbs, they do change over service. So your not paying full price for new jets. Mammi Motors also has a dyno.
When I had my Dellortos tuned from scratch, they charged me about $170. That included them stuffing around fixing and welding part of my linkages. Fitting a new fuel pressure regulator, change over of jets and dyno time. A very reasonable price considering I was preparing myself for around the $300 mark. KangarooSA on Rolla Club


I've found Mammi motors in Somerville to be pretty good. I trailer my twin Webbered race gem 100km each way to go there as I also found it hard to find someone who knows Webers. Rascal on OZGemini


Can anybody help with a mechanic who knows gti6/xsara and 308 diesel? I cannot afford to use the dealer and I have relocated away from my previous excellent mechanic, Mammi Motors in Somerville. DJ Studd on Aussie Frogs


A lot of the rally guys go to Mammi Motors, down in Somerville. 1200rallycar on Datsun1200


Mammi Motors are located in Somerville and the Mammi brothers are Datsun fanatics. Their shop ute is a 1200 and they used to campaign a Sunny rally car. I know they are very familiar with Dellorto carbs as they tried to convince me they were a better option than the original GX ones I had. Cadet1200 on Datsun1200


Thanks go to Gerald from Mammi Motors in Somerville who helped out by putting the car on the dyno and to Rob Downes for coming down and observing on behalf of the club. I fitted new brake clips this afternoon and took the car for a drive. No more annoying noise, so much better! Ben Sale on MX5 Car Talk


Dyno tuning? Take it down to Mammi Motors in Somerville, they will fix it, dyno it and you will be satisfied. Al Sunny on Datsun1200


Looking for a good engine assembler in Melbourne? Go to Mammi Motors Sommerville - Gerald and Chaz look after all of our cars and I can recommend them highly. Chris on MX5 Car Talk


Mammi Motors make custom manifolds. Steel manifold is difficult to make. You need to form steel to ovals to round to tapered out. When used with a turbocharger, steel won't break and would be ported to your cylinder head. You need to get to Mammi Motors on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria (40 mins from Melbourne). Steel manifold for maybe $250 for Weber 40s or 45s. They also do nice head work for around $300 which includes porting and 1600 exhaust valves. Custom Manifolds on Datsun1200


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